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Dom Perignon Rose Champagne – Current Vintage

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    Dom Perignon Rose Champagne

    Dom Perignon Rose Champagne received 96 points from Wine Spectator and Vinous. This powerful vivid rose has a rich, voluptuous palate of raspberry, cranberry, smoke, and spice. The aromas match with a slight mineral-driven scent with notes of smoke. Perignon Rose only gets better with time – stronger notes of candied kumquat, marzipan, star anise, and graphite will power through and continue with their silky texture. The lightweight bubbles create a stunning depth and resonance.

    Dom Perignon Rose Champagne

    Dom Perignon was born in 1639 and departed in 1715. He was a monk and a cellar master at the benedictine abbey in Hautvillers. Around 1670, he pioneered wine techniques and was the first to blend the grapes in a way that improved the quality of the wine itself. He also found a way to take two elements and blend them together as a whole – with no imperfections. Opposite of popular tales, Perignon did not discover the champagne method for making sparkling wines. Using sparkling wine as the main crafting of Champagnes did not come about until the 19th century. This was more than 100 years after Dom’s death. He did find a way to product clear wine from black grapes and perfected it. This helped enhance the Champagne wines to hold their natural sugars and induce a second fermentation. Corks we’re introduced by Perignon. Originally, wood pieces were fastened with hemp string soaked in oil. This is how they kelp the wines sparkling and fresh. The house also used thicker glass to strengthen the bottles since they were explode on the regular.

    Dom Perignon Rose Champagne

    Englishman Laurence Venn proposed the idea of making Dom Pérignon the first prestige cuvee – a style of sparkling wine that sits in a vat at some point. It was 1921 when the first vintage was introduced and didn’t hit shelves until 1936. The Normandie sailed to New York and brought the champagne with it. The first buyers were 150 customers of the company that imported Moët to the United Kingdom – Simon Bros. & Co. They ordered the first 300 bottles. All the attention in the marketplace made it possible for 100 boxes to be shipped to the United States. The first bottle was given by Champagne Mercier to Moët in 1927 for a wedding between the two companies. The Champagne House for Moët & Chandon currently produces Dom Perignon, which serves as the house’s prestige champagne. The 1921 vintage Champagne can occasionally be found in auctions for the right price.

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