Sparkling wine is exactly what it sounds like – carbonated wines. If the product is from Italy, it’s a prosecco; and if the product is from the Champagne Region of France, then it is champagne. There are four different “textures” to sparkling wine: extra-brut, brut, extra-dry, and demi-sec. Extra-brut is extremely dry because of the yeast eating all of the sugar out of the wine. Brut, the most common form, is dry yet still contains that sweetness most people look for. Extra-dry is not as dry as the common brut, but is still partially dry with more of a sweetness. Demi-sec is considered a dessert drink because of its powerful sugary sweetness. Sparkling wines can come from all around the world. Since they are usually confused with champagne, the French terms “Mousseux” or “Crémant” are used to describe bubbly that isn’t from the Champagne Region. Each territory has their own name to refer to their sparkling wines: Espumante is from Portugal, Cava is from Spain, and Cap Classique is from South Africa. Popular brands include Martini & Rossi, Segura Viudas, Popcrush, and Lost Vineyards. All of our single bottles are 750ml unless stated otherwise in the description of the product. Please be sure to read it. In the case of a listed vintage not being available, we reserve the right to substitute with the next current vintage of the same price. Any order placed after 3PM (eastern time) will be processed the next business day. If you are looking for a specific product that is not listed on our website – have no fear! We will try our hardest to locate this product for you. We accept all large corporate orders. Each and every item is gift wrapped and sealed with a bow, and a personalized card can be attached as well. Feel free to ask about our combined shipping rates. For any questions, concerns, or ideas please contact a concierge team member at 1-888-272-0220 or through e-mail at