Gin, which is short for the older English word genever, is a spirit predominantly made from juniper berries. It derives from the French word genièvre, the Dutch word jenever, and the Latin word juniperus – all meaning juniper as well. Gin was originally used during the span of a millennium as an herbal medicine before it became an item in the spirits category. The spirit originally became popular by William of Orange, the leader of the Dutch Republic in Great Britain, when his wife and he occupied the Irish, Scottish, and English thrones. It is to be considered one of the broadest categories of spirits because of its various styles, origins, and flavor profiles; all of them still revolving around juniper and the main ingredient. The most common styles of this spirit are distilled and London. Distilled gin is lower in ABV percentage and has a stronger juniper berry taste. London gin, also known as dry, contains less sugar and typically ranges from a 70% to 100% ABV during distillation. It receives its flavor from a double distillation process. All of our single bottles are 750ml unless stated otherwise in the description of the product. Please be sure to read it. In the case of a listed vintage not being available, we reserve the right to substitute with the next current vintage of the same price. Any order placed after 3PM (eastern time) will be processed the next business day. If you are looking for a specific product that is not listed on our website – have no fear! We will try our hardest to locate this product for you. We accept all large corporate orders. Each and every item is gift wrapped and sealed with a bow, and a personalized card can be attached as well. Feel free to ask about our combined shipping rates. For any questions, concerns, or ideas please contact a concierge team member at 1-888-272-0220 or through the contact form.