The Rutherford Wine Gift Basket


Two hand selected bottles of Rutherford Ranch Wine (one red, one white) with crackers, pretzels, cheese spread, cookies, chocolate, and candies in a metal planter

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    The Rutherford Wine Gift Basket

    “Winemaking begins in the vineyard; carefully matching the site and varietal then selecting and harvesting fruit at just the right moment.  Flavors may be slightly modified through winemaking techniques, but a wine’s unique flavor and essential character develop on the vine.” – Michael Chup; associate wine maker at Rutherford Ranch. The Rutherford Wine Company focuses on sustainability for all of its wine companies that include the Rutherford Ranch, Predator Wines, Scott Family Estate, Round Hill Vineyard & Cellars, and several others. The company uses natural processes to during the growing season to ensure the perfect grape. The Rutherford Wine Gift Basket honors their work.

    Two hand selected bottles of wine, one red and one white, from the Rutherford Ranch are elegantly paired with crackers, cheese spread, pretzels, chocolates, cookies, and candy for perfectly balance snacking. All of these items are secured in a rustic metal container that can be used for storage long after the snacks and wine are gone. Rutherford Ranch produces Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, and Merlot of the same vintages. They use the word “sustainability” to encompass the practices that extend beyond the vineyards.

    The Rutherford Wine Gift Basket

    Rutherford Wine Company wants to ensure the long-term health of not only the vineyard, but the entire ecological system. They promote and maintain biodiversity of plants and animals while conserving natural resources. Predator Mites are beneficial to the grapes. The mites are applied by hand to the leaves of the grapes to feed on mites that are harmful to the crops. Another economically friendly practice used is owl boxes. The boxes are used to invite owls and other predatory birds to help keep the rodent population down in the vineyard. Remember, this is the circle of life. The final practice used is leafhopper tape. This prevents and traps invasive pests from crawling up and damaging the grape vines. The company uses solar panels to power most of their vineyard to improve air quality and reduce their carbon footprint. One of the family’s refrigeration systems consists of nearly 5,000 solar panels to produce almost one million watts of power! The company is constantly seeking new ways to improve the ecosystem with the increase usage of recycled and biodegradable materials

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