Wine Don’t Whine Wine Gift Basket


a hand selected bottle of white wine in a metal container with crackers, cheese spread, cookies, tea, and chocolate

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    Wine Don’t Whine Wine Gift Basket

    A stunning gold metal container houses a carefully hand selected white wine along with a delicious Brie cheese spread, crackers, cookies, and chocolates! Your recipients will love the high quality wine and snacks, and the gold metal container will be a beautiful edition to your recipients’ home. Say “Congratulations” on an engagement, job promotion, retirement or a college graduation with this white wine gift basket. It’s also a great birthday surprise or expresses a heartfelt “Thank You”! White wine can be enjoyed all year round, but it’s an especially refreshing drink during the warmer months, sipped in the yard, on the porch or at an outdoor party. Try the Wine Don’t Whine Wine Gift Basket today!!!

    White wines typically pair well with lighter dishes like vegetables, seafood and chicken, but each varietal pairs slightly different. An oak Chardonnay will pair nicely with a dish with a rich sauce, such as steak bearnaise, pumpkin ravioli or seared shellfish. Pinot grigio pairs well with shrimp, fresh fish or chicken grilled in lemon and/or orange juices. Riesling wine is a great complement to spicy asian food, as well as barbecue food and fish tacos. Sauvignon Blanc wine goes well with lightly seasoned and cooked food, even raw sushi.

    Wine Don’t Whine Wine Gift Basket

    Our white wine selection is diverse, therefore, the wine selected for this basket will pair well with the available cheese spread and treats. White wines are not fermented with the skins present, which give it a straw like color. A white wine lighter in color typically means it comes from a cooler climate. It is said that when pairing food and wine together, a third flavor arises, beyond the flavors tasted when sipping wine alone or eating food alone.

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