Margarita Party Tequila Gift Basket


A wooden serving tray is filled with Patron Silver, margarita mix, shaker, biscotti, and chocolates

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    Margarita Party Tequila Gift Basket

    Handcrafted in small batches and displayed in hand-numbered glass bottles, we present to you Patrón! Skilled Jimadors, a Mexican farmer who harvests agave plants, work with a sharp tool (known as Coa) to harvest the finest Weber Blue Agave deep in the heart of Jalisco, Mexico. Once agave is uprooted, the Coa is used to reach the heart of the plant known as the piña. Like the Margarita Party Tequila Gift Basket? Buy it today!

    A gorgeous  serving tray holds the little secret gem. Surrounded by crunchy biscottis, luscious chocolates, and a shaker, a bottle of Patron Silver Tequila sits. Margarita mix and other goodies try to hide the tequila but you are smarter than that. You know all the good things are in the middle. You can’t wait to dive in!

    If pictured tray is not available, one of equal or greater value will be substituted.

    Margarita Party Tequila Gift Basket

    An on premise compost machine and reverse osmosis system help produce the tequila base and recycle whatever part of the plant is not used. Sustainability. Once the piñas are soft enough, they are crushed so their juices are released. This mixture is then set aside for 3 days to ferment, distill and set in handcrafted barrels to reach a certain age. Patron is not just your run of the mill tequila: it is unique and some consider it to be a piece of art. Each and every Patron bottle is created from skilled glass artisans, right in Mexico. They are hand measured and molded using a percentage of recycled glass. The only thing about Patron that isn’t from Mexico is the cork. They are cut from the outermost layer of bark from cork trees in Portugal. There is only a certain time frame to make this happen.

    So remember the next time you are sipping Patron, you are drinking art!Margarita Party Tequila Gift Basket

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