French History Cognac Gift Basket


D’Usse, chocolates, and a flask are included in this decorative trunk

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    French History Cognac Gift Basket

    Throughout French history, the soldiers who boldly march forward, carried the Cross of Lorraine. The cross has since become the signature of Cellar Master Michael Casavecchia’s legendary cognac – D’Usse. For the past 20+ years, Michael has been meticulously creating some of the world’s top-quality cognacs. While working at the renowned Château de Cognac, he wanted to design a super smooth, yet bold cognac. D’usse was born. Taste the smoothness of D’usse for yourself in our French History Cognac Gift Basket.

    We took honor in this high grade cognac and placed it in a wooden hinged trunk and complimented it with chocolatey snacks. D’usse is formulated in one of the oldest cognac houses in France, which is in close proximity to the River Charente. Because of this, the Château receives two climates seeping into its walls. The humid weather to the cellar brings out floral, fruity notes while the dry weather to the cellar results in a spicy, woody flavor. These two flavors combined capture the masterfully crafted D’usse. We’ve also provided you with a stainless steel flask to enjoy this cognac (responsibly) on the go!

    A cognac cannot be a cognac just because it is labeled so. It is mandatory for the white grapes to be harvested from 1+ of the 6 approved growing regions of the Cognac area of France. There is a twice distilled process which leads to a liquid known as the “water of life” or eau-de-vie. From there, the liquid has to age in French Oak casks for 2 years and can’t be lower than 80 proof by volume.

    French History Cognac Gift Basket

    D’usse is aged for a minimum of 4.5 years which results in a full-bodied flavor that coats the taste buds. Woody cinnamon notes and hints of compelling flowers fill your nose. With each velvety sip, your tongue will relish with almond, cinnamon, and flavors of spice. Sweetness from accents of dried fruits and honey are the concluding notes.


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