Golden Chardonnay Wine Gift Basket


a gold metal container holds a hand selected bottle of Chardonnay, cookies, chocolates, tea, and other snacks

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    Golden Chardonnay Wine Gift Basket

    Chardonnay originated in the Burgundy wine area of eastern France and is a green-skinned grape that is used to make white wines. Chardonnay grapes are now grown from England to New Zealand – where ever the wine is produced. Dunnigan Hills, the vineyard that produces Toasted Head wines, harvest 71% of the fruit for their wine from their own estate. The warm days of Dunnigan Hills lead the way for lush fruit flavors that their Chardonnay is infamous for. Try the Golden Chardonnay Wine Gift Basket for yourself!

    Chardonnay wine has fragrances of crisp white peaches & Asian pears, aged bourbon, and butterscotch. A wine so sweet deserves a gift basket that is just as sweet! Accompanied in a strikingly chic metal container we have arranged for you wafer cookies, biscuits, creamy fudge, and silky chocolates. A gift basket is not complete without a savory balance so we have also included cheese spread, crackers, and sausage. Other snacks will be provided for the grand snacking experience.

    Golden Chardonnay Wine Gift Basket

    This Chardonnay will leave flavors of peachy caramelized custards and creamy toast with a hot finish. The cool breezes during the night from the San Francisco Bay and Sacramento Delta help to keep the wines natural levels high, like the acidity. Grapes for this wine maintain their freshness and pure fruit flavors because they are picked at night. From there, they are gently clean, de-stemmed, and pressed. Once the whole process is complete, the juice is fermented in a trio combination barrels using American, Eastern European, and French oak. Barrels are hand-stirred for the maximal flavors – which lead to a rich, creamy texture – every two weeks. Chardonnay should be enjoyed with braised meats, Cajun cream sauces, or smoked salmon.