Vanilla Latte Wine Gift Basket


Mu (for u) Vanilla Latte Wine Cocktail is paired with cookies, chocolate, and drink mixes in a wicker basket

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    Vanilla Latte Wine Gift Basket

    In a wicker-inspired basket, we’ve included for you a bottle of Mu Vanilla Latte Cocktail Wine along with two drinking glasses. Cookies, chocolates, and drink mix are also included. This is a wonderful “get well soon gift,” thank you present, or just because. Your recipient will love the flavor inspired by espresso mixed with creamy milk and powerful vanillas. You’ll love the Vanilla Latte Wine Gift Basket.

    Mü is a flavorless wine made from citrus fruits out of Florida. It is known as “OTSW” or other than standard wine. It is distilled like vodka but with fruits instead of grains. The fruit does get fermented just like a normal wine before it is distilled. Distilling the grapes takes the flavor away, basically giving the company a pallet to use any flavors. Since the grapes are distilled like vodka, which normally does not have a flavor, there is no compromise on the tasting profile they achieved. Although the product is super creamy, like a dessert wine or even chocolate milk, there is no cream actually in it. So the good news is if you are lactose-intolerant, you may still drink this product – depending on how severe your allergy is. All of the products DO contain milk protein which stabilizes it. If your allergy is severe, you may be affected. If you are allergic to dairy in general, not just the lactose, you are advised to NOT drink any of the mü products.

    Vanilla Latte Wine Gift Basket

    Luckily, Mü is GLUTEN FREE, which can be quite rare in wines. The creamy, velvety texture comes from coconut oil. The oil is all natural, along with the rest of their ingredients. Many people think the “milk” in the product makes it creamy but the milk protein is just for shelf stabilization. Natural ingredients for their flavors include vanilla, coffee, and chocolate.  It all started when a young woman, whose name has never been mentioned, came up with the perfect idea: combined happy hour with coffee breaks. She was sitting in a tiny coffeehouse taking in all the aromas of fresh roasted coffee, lattes, macchiatos, and more. The scents inspired her to create a coffeehouse cocktail than can be enjoyed almost any time of day. The sweet flavor profile of mu wine allowed it to be enjoyed in the morning with coffee or at night with dessert. Now it can forever be 5pm happy hour!

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