Three for Me Wine Gift Basket


Three bottles of Mommy’s Time Out Wine (one each of red, white, and pink) with two wine glasses in an ice bucket

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    Three for Me Wine Gift Basket

    Mommy’s Time Out Wines are amazing for any and every mom who just needs a break. She deserves it! MTO Wines have been featured on the Today’s Show and Fox & Friends. CBS also featured the wine, who is currently celebrating their 10th Anniversary, by promoting their limited edition 1.5L bottle. “As the brand celebrates its 10th Anniversary, it continues to grow throughout the US and demand remains high,” says Mike Cincotta, President of Selective Wine Estates, Inc. importers and brand owners of Mommy’s Time Out Wine. Three For Me Wine Gift Basket features their three most popular flavors in an acrylic ice bucket with two wine glasses.

    “Women have positively responded to the brand’s taste, design and message since we first introduced it in 2006 and the larger bottle size is something both retailers and consumers have been demanding,” He added. Selective Wine Estates also carries Dad’s Day Off, Chill, and Old Fart wines as well. All of the wines are produced from some of the finest vineyards in Italy and are fruity & delicate. They are a wonderful compliment to dinner, dessert, or may be served as an aperitif.

    Three for Me Wine Gift Basket

    Mommy’s Time Out comes in four spectacular flavors: Moscato, Delicious Pink, Rosso, and Pinot Grigio. Garganega Pinot Grigio is their most popular flavor (and the receiver of their new 1.5L size.) At 11.5% alcohol, the wine has a clean citrus flavor with fruity notes and aromas. Its grapes are harvested from the Delle Venezie region of Italy. Mommy’s Time Out Delicious Pink is only 9.5% alcohol and tastes of freshly chopped fruits with a floral scent. Last but not least, the Delicious Red – or Rosso Primitivo – maintains a silky texture. It’s fruity, not too sweet, and has a little kick to it. Whether the kids have been good or bad, or maybe they are away for the weekend, kick back and enjoy a glass (or three!) of Mommy’s Time Out!

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