Tempting Tequila Gift Basket


a metal planter with Avion Silver tequila, crackers, snack mix, cookies, and chocolate

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  • Description

    Tempting Tequila Gift Basket

    It ranks #1 amongst ALL vodkas, gins, tequilas, and white rums; The San Francisco World Spirits Competition voted it the “Best Unaged White Spirit” and the “World’s Best Tasting Tequila.” Welcome to center stage, Avion Silver Tequila. This tequila is super smooth with clean flavors. Freshly roasted agave with pineapple, mint, grapefruit, and black pepper coast the palatte, patiently waiting for another sip. Try the Tempting Tequila Gift Basket today!

    We took this exceptionally ranked tequila and complimented it with a mix of sweet and savory snacks. Avion Silver Tequila is accompanied by sweet sugar cookies, crispy & flakey wafer cookies, and rich chocolates. To bring out the roasted agave and black pepper flavor of the tequila, we’ve added a savory snack mix. All of these gourmet items come complete inside of a metal container that is an exceptional household statement piece. The basket can be used as a catch-all by a door entrance for keys or mail, a decorative storage container in the bathroom, or a fancy fruit basket in the kitchen or dining room. The rustic colors will compliment any room it is placed in.

    Avion Silver Tequila was previously featured on the seventh season of the HBO hit-show Entourage. Possibly the best product tie-in since the Wonka Bar was created from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Avion was a huge plot for the show itself. The story behind the tequila on the show is proven fictional (Turtle is not their brand representative,) but lucky for us the tequila itself is real.. Very real! Ken Austin, a former Senior VP of another spirits company and CMO of Marquis Jet, is the founder and current Chairman of TequilaAvión. Austin recently paired up with Grammy nominated artist Young Jeezy to build Avion as a brand. The tequila has even been listed in his hip-hop song “Me Ok” (these lyrics do contain adult content.) The thick glass bottle pays tribute to the aviation roots of the company and has a stamp of an agave heart with wings on the back of the bottle.

    With a chilled shot glass and a wedge of lime, you are ready for the ultimate experience from the World’s Best Tasting Tequila – Avión. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the smooth and crisp taste it has become famous for.