ShaShaShake it Up Margarita Gift Basket


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    ShaShaShake it Up Margarita Gift Basket

    What better way to relax during the summer than next to a pool with a margarita in hand? Unless there’s several, I don’t think there is a better way! With most margaritas, the main ingredient is tequila – so it is pretty important you have a smooth, great tasting tequila! Patron has created the “Margarita of the Year 2016,” and we are honoring it. Behold, The ShaShaShake it Up Margarita Gift Basket.

    ShaShaShake it Up Margarita Gift Basket

    We present Patron Silver Tequila on a stunning metal tray along with key lime cookies and nuts for snacking. To assist in the margarita festivities, we also included two Patron branded shot glasses along with margarita mix, shaker, and fresh limes. The party has officially started with this tequila gift basket! On top of being wonderful 21st Birthday gifts, a unique house warming present, or a treat for your hostess at the summer BBQ, ShaShaShake it Up Margarita Basket also makes a wonderful corporate gift for employees and clients!

    Patron has teamed with Jordan Corney of San Antonio, TX to create the Rosa Picante Margarita. This cocktail has been deemed the Margarita of the Year for 2016 by those who voted. Jalapeno margaritas have become extremely popular within the past year. “Jalapeño margaritas are everywhere. I was looking for a way to take that and dress it up a little,” Stated Corney when asked how he created this cocktail.

    ShaShaShake it Up Margarita Gift Basket

    This subtle, yet spicy, cocktail has hints of rosewater for that extra touch of elegance. For our glass, take a margarita glass, or whichever is available, and rim with rose petal sea salt. To create this margarita start with 2 oz of Patron Silver, .50 oz of Patron Citronge Lime, 1 oz fresh lime juice, and 1 bar spoon (teaspoon if one is not available) of jalapeño oil then add them to a shaker with ice. Once chilled, strain your cocktail into rimmed glass and top off with a dash of rosewater. If available, you can garnish your drink with a fresh rose petal!

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