Outerspace Vodka Chrome Edition Gift Set


Outerspace ‘Alien Head’ Vodka with 2 alien shot glasses

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    Outerspace Vodka Chrome Edition

    Attention all Earthlings: the outerspace vodka chrome edition is here and limited! Just recently touching down in September of 2015, Outerspace Vodka is already flying off of the shelves. It is currently available in the usual 750ml and a smaller 50ml size (which is SUPER cool.) It is currently carried in roughly 20-30 states but may still be hard to obtain, as not all liquor stores carry the product. When this Alien Head Vodka brand said they meant business, they certainly did! As of July 2016, the brand has officially made it into Australia. Be prepared Australiens.

    We here at Pompei Baskets were lucky enough to meet co-founder & co-owner Jim Denoon and taste his product first handedly. Although the decanter is an electric green, the liquid inside is clear. Our concierge team member Erin was the lucky one chosen for the tasting. We say lucky because who else wouldn’t enjoy an afternoon drink? It had to have been 5 P.M. somewhere! “Outerspace has a very ‘calming’ smell to it. It’s like.. clean. It doesn’t burn your nose like other vodkas,” she says. She takes a sip. “Wow, super smooth! You can tell it has been distilled multiple times because there’s no harsh feeling.” Now Erin isn’t a vodka connoisseur so we aren’t able to tell you any tasting notes or what scents are hidden in the vodka, but what we do know is this vodka should be enjoyed neat, on the rocks, or with a spritz of lemon or lime.

    Outerspace Vodka, also known as Alien Head Vodka, is literally a part of space. The vodka is distilled FIVE times through meteorites. 4 billion-year-old meteorites. Not only that but it’s also gluten free! It is produced from 100% Iowan corn. The bright green bottle is used as an eye catcher upon other bottles  at a bar. Jim has a vast knowledge of glass packaging, as far as design and development, and created the concept of the brand. The thick glass is dyed green while the eyes are made from aluminum plates colored black. The inspiration came from the higher priced yet widely popular Crystal Head Vodka and the ever-growing curiosity of the mysterious creatures: Aliens.

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