Sparkling Dreams Non-Alcoholic Gift Basket


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    Sparkling Dreams Non-Alcoholic Gift Basket

    Our gift baskets are not just made for the recipient’s who drink alcoholic beverages – we make cider baskets too! Everyone enjoys that sip of bubbly without the headache the next morning! In a metal container we feature a bottle of sparkling cider and tons of aperitif treats like chocolates, cookies, candy, and tea. Since there is no alcohol in this gift basket, it’s great to send to businesses as a thank you basket, for Secretary/Administration’s Day, Dentist Hygienist week, or even as a sympathy basket in lieu of flowers.

    Sparkling Dreams Non-Alcoholic Gift Basket

    The great thing about this basket is we can customize it to be 100% Kosher. Simply write a note during checkout letting us know you would like this basket to be made Kosher. We will substitute the products with the closest ones as we have as described.

    We can also make this gift basket gluten-free, although the price may vary. If you are looking for a gluten free gift basket please contact us using the “contact” tab on the bottle of the page or by telephone at 1-888-272-0220. A concierge member will be more than happy to help you create the perfect gift basket for your recipient!

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