Louis Roederer Brut Nature Starck Deluxe


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[pictured 2009]
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    Louis Roederer Brut Nature Starck Deluxe *Current Vintage

    The quest for the ideal champagne: ideas, concepts, creativity, focus, strategy, and collaboration. Frédéric Rouzaud and Philippe Starck pushed Louis Roederer to focus on authenticity & truth, elegance, and abstraction to create an exceptional champagne. After long discussions, word turned into images, ideas, and concepts and finally produced was Louis Roederer Brut Nature Starck Deluxe 2006.

    It started in 2003; a problematic year for the northern vineyard that would provide remarkable potential for the first time in the middle of the historic Champagne hillside of the Louis Roederer estate. The extremely sunny year helped the hard, coarse sandstone clay hills produce aromatic, intense, and balance grapes. This year also brought a rediscovery to the unique estate since the vineyard was chosen by the seventh generation of Louis Roederer. Grapes produced from the vineyard were vinified parcel by parcel and have a mature aroma, creamy texture, and superb freshness.

    All of these characteristics helped Jean-Baptiste Lécaillon, the Cellar Master, create a champagne with golden and deep yellow hues that sparkles with glistening highlights as the bubbles rise to the top of your flute. Intense spring flowers, citrus peels, and Williams pear fill the nose before aromas of dried fruit, smoke, and cocoa beans take over. The youthful energy of fruit, stones, and salinity fill your palette and the creamy texture produces a sudden acceleration of mineral freshness. Slight bitterness allows you to feel the velvet bubbles coat your tongue and remain the predominant characteristic.

    “The Brut Nature is simply the consequence of the exceptional substance of the wine, of this creamy, coated, velvety note, which requires no dosage. And which reveals the wine in all its purity.” — Jean-Baptiste Lécaillon, Cellar Master

    ‘Authenticity & Truth’ are proven from the distinctiveness of Louis Roederer’s wines. ‘Abstraction’ is hard to show to someone who is not familiar with the wine making trait, but can be tasted through the product. ‘Elegance’ comes from the 2/3 Pinot Noir and 1/3 Chardonnay champagne and its balanced proportion.

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