Grey Goose VX – 1 Liter


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    Grey Goose VX – 1 Liter

    When the World’s Best Tasting Vodka is masterfully crafted with a hint of precious cognac, a pioneering new spirit is born. Inspired by the heritage of Grey Goose creator and MaÎtre de Chai François Thibault, Grey Goose VX establishes a new standard in luxury spirits. GREY GOOSE VX is best served on the rocks in a snifter glass to enjoy its complex and rich character. Hints of white fruit blossom, apricot, and plum can be enjoyed by both nose and palate. Notes of wild honey and light citrus are to follow before a long lingering finish.

    Well known cognac maître de chai (cellar master) Francois Thibault decided he was going to use his phenomenal spirit-making skills to craft vodka, people in the region of France were incredulous. “As a maître de chai, I developed a deep knowledge and appreciation for the craftsmanship involved in creating the finest quality spirits,” Francois Thibault. Grey goose is distilled only one time using a continuous-column process that makes sure the quality of the wheat does not decline. From the field to the bottle, Thibault watches over every single step during the crafting of this world renowned vodka. They only use the finest ingredients available to them and special processes to secure natural characteristic in the final product.

    Grey Goose VX Vodka

    Grown by only three local farmers, soft winter wheat is the main ingredient of Grey Goose. The wheat is harvested from the Picardy Region of France. Ble Panifiable Superieur, the highest grades of wheat, are the same used in French pastries and breads. Once the wheat is collected it is sent to a special mill in distillery where it is turned into the high-proof spirit. They blend the wheat with spring water from a proprietary well in France’s Cognac Region known as Gensec-La-Pallue. Water is naturally filtered through limestone. This is also the final crafting location. Each batch of vodka goes through a minimum of 550 daily quality control checks to ensure the spirit is up to Thibault’s standards. He personally tastes each batch. The vodka is bottled and the signature cork, which is also its seal of quality, is placed on top once approved. Soon after, the world’s finest vodka is resting on your bar.

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