Grand Love Black Extra Anejo Tequila


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    Grand Love Black Extra Anejo Tequila

    When someone thinks of love, you think of hearts; To others who think of love, they think of tequila. We’re not judging here. Grand Love Tequila found a way to add both of these loves together by having their extra anejo tequila carried in a black, blown glass heart decanter balanced on a pewter metal stool. Your next bar addition? Grand Love Black Extra Anejo Tequila!

    Brothers Julio & Victor Navarro Lara co-founded Grand Love Tequila in 2009 making it a family company with its own resources. Their objective was quite clear: product the best and most beautiful tequila in the world. Their adventure begins in the cultivated valley region of Amatitan, located in Jalisco, Mexico, where their agave leaves are collected. Once the agave is collected by the jimadors (harvestors), the jimador encargado or harvest manager, Pancho Lopez inspects the crop before it is passed on to become the tequila. The crops for the añejo tequila was harvested in 2012 while the extra añejo was harvested in 2010. It takes a little over three years in white oak barrels for the tequila to age.

    Grand Love Black Extra Anejo Tequila

    Also known as Tequila Amores, Grand Love Tequila Extra Añejo has a fruity, herbal scent with hints of mint and black pepper. Some say they can smell caramel, vanilla, and chocolate from the oak barrels. Inside of the black bottle, a golden metallic liquid glitters with a powerful body. You will appreciate every sip of Grand Love because of its intense chocolate fruit, caramel, and balanced wood flavors with hints of harmonious pepper. The elegant palate is velvety and soft.

    Grand Love Black Extra Anejo Tequila

    Grand Love Tequila also offers an Extra Añejo in a Cafe flavor. It is made with ground coffee beans and gives the tequila a unique flavor. It is usually enjoyed alone but can be enjoyed mixed. Unfortunately, this product is not available in the United States as of now. We currently offer Grand Love in three styles; Extra Anejo Red, Extra Anejo Black, and Anejo Blue.

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