Chocolate Heavens Gourmet Gift Basket


An array of chocolates, truffles, chocolate cookies, and drink mix in a hand selected container (approx. 11 items)

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  • Description

    Chocolate Heavens Gourmet Gift Basket

    The Chocolate Heavens Gourmet Gift Basket is exactly what it sounds like. A faux-leather container loaded with different chocolate treats. From hot cocoa drink mix, to truffles, cookies, and Godiva chocolate – we’ve got it covered! Do you like fudge or brownies? You’ll find them in our basket! Salted caramel truffles or cookies, chocolate covered pretzels, dark chocolate pearls, and strawberry truffles are just a few items you may received in your heavenly basket!

    Chocolate. America’s favorite past time.. Well ours anyway! Chocolate is derived from cocoa which is the product remaining after the cocoa butter is extracted from cacao beans, hence cocoa powder! Chocolate liquor is the melted or ground version of the nib of the cocoa bean. This holds equal party cocoa butter and solids.  To actually create chocolate, the powder is then mixed with some sort of fat (example: cocoa butter) and powdered sugar to produce a solid sweet. Luckily for us, chocolate does not come in just one plain-old form. Depending on the ratio of cocoa used in the formulation, chocolate can be considered milk, white, dark, bittersweet, etcetera. Each country that produces this confectionery has their own regulations and guidelines to how to classify the product.

    Many people stay away from dark chocolate, thinking that since it’s chocolate it has no benefits besides the great taste. But if consumed in moderation, dark chocolate is actually very nutritious for you! Magnesium, Iron, Copper, Manganese, potassium, and zinc can all be found in this delicious treat. It is also a powerful source of antioxidants while also lowering blood pressure and improve blood flow. Studies have shown it may lower the risk of Cardiovascular disease! Eating a piece of dark chocolate before will help you feel fuller and, in effect, cause you to eat less. Who would have ever thought dark chocolate could be so beneficial?

    The only thing better than regular chocolate is chocolate filled with more chocolate! Or rolled in nuts, candies, caramel, anything really. Another popular form of chocolate is ganache (guh-nash.) It can be used as a sauce, glaze, icing, or pastry filling. It is created by adding chocolate to heated cream. This method keeps the chocolate from fully solidifying and gives it a delicious creamy texture. Ganache is typically used for truffles as the center filling coasted by an exterior of hard chocolate. Truffles are normally round and often decorated on the outside with colored chocolate, gold flakes, nuts, and more.

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