BV Coastal Estate Sauvignon Blanc Wine


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    BV Coastal Estate Sauvignon Blanc Wine

    With a pale, greenish yellow color, BV Coastal Estate Sauvignon Blanc Wine  has a distinct taste of honeydew, grapefruit, and lemon zest upon the nose. The flavors are straight forward and fresh. Notes of green apple strongly peek through. A medium bodies palate bursts with melon and citrus flavors surrounded by ripe acidity. It finishes clean and fresh eith zesty, aromatic flavors brought upon from the nose.

    Beaulieu Vineyard, better known as BV Coastal, is a wine company from the Napa Valley region of California; specifically known as Rutherford. BV has a history of growing grapes on the best vineyards in Napa. They now own and operate over 10 different vines. It all started in 1904 when Georges de Latour bought his first vineyard in Rutherford. This vineyard is now known as BV Ranch #1. Georges didn’t want to just make wine for California, but for the entire world! In 1934 de Latour went abroad to France to find a winemaker & viticulturist who would bring the fine European wine making techniques to the heart of Napa Valley. His one stop was at France’s Pasteur Institute where he found André Tchelistcheff – a Russian immigrant whose insight, experience, and leadership would eventually revolutionize wine making, not only for BV but for the entire Napa Valley. The methods he introduced to the vineyard and winery earned him the industry’s most infamous title: “The Maestro.” He has a constant pursuit of higher wine qualities and whenever he reached that goal – he wanted to go even higher. He continues to find new and innovative wine making ways.

    BV Coastal Estate Sauvignon Blanc Wine

    André was born to a noble Russian family. He studied viticulture and enology at the Pasteur Institute and the Institute National Agronomique in Paris. Once he arrived in Napa Valley at Beaulieu Vineyard (which translates into Beautiful Land Vineyard,) Tchelistcheff introduced the European methods of pruning and cultivation. He also emphasized to increase the level of sanitation in the winery. For many, this would have been all; But for André.. This was just the beginning. He began tasting wine from every vine on the Rutherford estate. The rigorous small-lot fermentation continues to this day. A cold to ferment white wines and making malolactic fermentation in red wines (a process in wine-making in which tart-tasting malic acid, naturally present in grape must, is converted to softer-tasting lactic acid) were also André’s doings. His palate was so pristine, sampled a special lot of Cabernet Sauvignon from 1936 and emphasized it received a separate bottling due to its quality. That bottling is known as Georges de Latour Private Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon. Tchelistcheff retired from BV in 1973 but returned in 1991 to consult with the new Director of Wine making: Jeffrey Stambor.

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