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Belvedere Limited Edition Bespoke Silver Saber 1.75L

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    Belvedere Limited Edition Bespoke Silver Saber

    Belvedere  Limited Edition Bespoke Silver Saber will make your night shine. The Belvedere Bespoke Silver Saber is a silver luminous bottle with laser etching. The perfect gift for holidays, weddings, anniversaries and birthdays, this bespoke collectible will make your occasion as unique as the illuminated bottle itself. Bottle size: 1.75L* This limited-edition magnum of glorious quadruple-distilled rye vodka of extraordinary purity was released to celebrate the 24th James Bond film: SPECTRE. Named Silver Sabre, it has a button on the bottom to light up the inside – a great gift.

    Nose: Faint hint of vanilla along with some gentle, soft cream characteristics.

    Palate: Full and round with a medium bodied weight and rich, velvety texture. Some vanilla swaying between sweet and savory with a hint of white pepper and spice.

    Finish: Good length with notes of almond, clotted cream and some faint almond and Brazil nut characteristics.

    Belvedere Vodka is the original and true expression of luxury vodka, created from 600 years of Polish vodka-making tradition. The vodka itself is always authentic, and never artificial. Created exclusively from Polish Dankowskie Rye and quadruple-distilled to create the perfect balance of character and purity; it is completely free of additives, including sugar or glycerin. Dilution with purified water from Belvedere’s own artisan wells is essential, enabling the character of the rye to shine. Perfect on the rocks, in a martini or breathing character to any cocktail. Belvedere represents the pinnacle of vodka making tradition. Zero additives, gluten free, naturally smooth.

    Belvedere Vodka also produces a line of flavored vodka, which it describes as Macerations. These flavors are not charcoal filtered, and are filtered through cellulose particle filters prior to bottling. This is done with the intention of ensuring essential oils that carry fruit flavors and give mouth feel are retained. The Belvedere Maceration product line includes: Mango Passion, Lemon Tea, Bloody Mary, Pink Grapefruit, Black Raspberry, Orange, and Citrus.

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