Medea Digital Vodka CA

Medea Digital Vodka CA

Medea Digital Vodka CA

Medea Digital Vodka CA

Looking for Medea Digital Vodka CA? We have the best selection of Medea Digital Vodka CA. What will your Medea Vodka Bottle Say? “Happy Valentine’s Day. I love you. Thanks for everything. Happy New Year.” The possibilities are endless! Did you know that award winning, ultra smooth MEDEA Vodka is made from the purest artesian water and distilled sixteen times using centuries old mastered techniques perfected since 1777 in the world’s first center of distillation excellence in Schiedam, Holland? And did you know that the display technology in the MEDEA limited editions bottles can be traced over 150 years to physicist and mathematician James Clerk Maxwell? Maxwell’s Equations, adapted to suit modern technology, are all around you – from mobile phones, to digital cameras, to Times Square billboards, and to each of the MEDEA limited edition bottles that allow you to program up to six messages! #1 Medea Digital Vodka CA.

Medea Digital Vodka CA

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Your award-winning MEDEA vodka bottle is pre-programmed with six often-used greetings to make it easy for you to gift:

Happy Birthday
Happy Anniversary
Merry Christmas
Happy New Year
I Love You

Step 1: Download the Medea Vodka App from the Apple App Store (IOS) or Google Play (Android).

Step 2: Open the App.

Step 3: Press the ON/OFF button once on your Medea Vodka Bottle. You will see MEDEA READY.

Step 4: Press SET UP NEW MEDEA BOTTLE. When your bottle and phone are connected, you will hear a tone.

Step 5: Press the Continue button. You will be asked to name your bottle. (This will help to identify your different bottles.)

Step 6: Enter your information and press done. Once your bottle is paired to your smartphone, you will be the only person who can edit it, unless you share your bottle with someone. Your App can hold up to ten messages in total, any of which may be changed with the Edit button.

Manual Bluetooth Instructions

Step 1: Press the ON/OFF button twice until you see a pre-programmed message.

Step 2: Press the MESSAGE button to scroll through and select any of the six pre-programmed messages.

Note: To power down press the ON/OFF button until it reads MEDEA OFF. If left on, the message will scroll for 45 minutes and automatically turn off. The LED display can last approximately 20 hours.

To choose one of these pre-programmed greetings, turn on the bottle by pressing the ON/OFF button on the upper left side of the LED band.   Press the UP button on the upper right side of the LED band, to select one of the pre-programmed slogans.

Medea Digital Vodka CA

To personalize a message tap the Enter button, then press Enter again to access program mode. You will see the letter, “A”. Press the UP and DOWN buttons to find the first character of your message; press ENTER to save each character selection.   Note, the space key is before the letter “A.”  To delete a letter, hold ENTER for three seconds.

Medea Digital Vodka CA

To finish:  after you have selected the last character of your word, hold the UP button for three seconds and the message will begin to scroll. If you do not press any button for six seconds, the setting will automatically be saved. In addition to the English alphabet of A – Z, the numbers 0-9 are available for your use.

Message will scroll for 45 minutes, then automatically shut off to conserve the battery, which can last up to 20 hours.

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